Commercial properties have unique landscaping needs. Business owners would like everything to look neat and professional, but commercial spaces are typically more challenging than a residential yard. At Cerami Lawn and Landscape, we understand these challenges and have successfully provided lawn services to various businesses - including restaurants, retail stores, and office buildings. We know that each company has a specific aesthetic to maintain, and we work hard to ensure that the landscaping matches the appearance you have in mind.

Custom Landscape

You can create the tone or mood for your business just by which flowers, trees, or shrubs you choose to plant in the front of your building. Do you want flowers with bright colors and fragrances to create a warm mood for your property, or do you prefer a more private and quiet setting? With our decades of experience, we can advise, plant, and maintain the landscaping around your building’s entrance to keep the feel you want your clients to have every time they enter your building.

Trim and Edging

Your commercial lawn can be a perfect way to create a border or space between surrounding businesses. We can help create the ideal edging on your commercial property with strategic planting and designing. With our years of experience, we know which plants and shrubs work best for commercial lawns. We also understand how each type of shrubbery needs to be trimmed and how often. We can provide options to choose from depending on your preferences.

Flowers for Emphasis

Creating colorful flower displays is a great way to draw attention to your company’s signage and entrances. We have created beautiful flower gardens for many clients, all unique to their professional look. Flowers and flowering plants require skilled maintenance, and our trained team works diligently to ensure your flower displays always look their best. Our team can recommend the best flower species for your unique needs if you're unsure what you're looking for.

Our experience with landscaping for commercial properties sets us apart from the competition. Let our team of landscaping experts help you achieve the incredible look that your business wants to have!